C.R. England Names Drivers of the Month for April

C.R. England, a Salt Lake City-based global transportation provider, has recognized four drivers in their fleet of over 6,000 drivers nationwide as Drivers of the Month for April, 2012.

“We are pleased to acknowledge these drivers as examples of excellence in our industry, said Brandon Harrison, Vice President, National and Regional Divisions for C.R. England. “Each is a true professional working every day to safely deliver their loads on time to our customers.”

Assoumane Guero is a driver in England’s Midwest Division, based in Chicago, IL. Guero was recognized for his driving skills, worth ethic and courtesy. He is consistently a top performer in maximizing his miles per gallon performance and has an exceptional on time delivery record.  He has been driving for two years and for C.R. England for six months. Originally from Niger, Africa, Assoumane came to the U.S. in 2007 and today lives in Greensboro, NC.

Chad Lange is an over-the-road driver in England’s National Division. Lang was recognized for his effective communication skills and his willingness to help transport other drivers who need to recover or drop loads. He has been driving for 23 years, all with C.R. England. He makes his home in Kearns, UT.

Harmony Lauritzen is an over-the-road driver in England’s National Division based in Ohio. She is known for making safety a priority and for her reliability in delivering loads on time. A veteran of the U. S. Army, Lauritzen served two tours of duty overseas and likes to write in her spare time. She lives in Mansfield, OH.

Ludovick Weigand is also an over-the-road driver in England’s National Division. Weigand has been with C. R. England almost two years and is recognized for his work as a trainer for students and drivers who are new to the company. He currently has driven more than 500,000 safe miles and resides in Easton, PA. He is a former U.S. Marine.

Founded in 1920, C.R. England, Inc. corporate headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is one of North America’s largest transportation companies and the world’s largest temperature-controlled carrier. C.R. England services include National, Mexico and Regional Truckload service in addition to Dedicated and Intermodal services. Visit www.crengland.com.

C.R. England Unveiled LNG Tractor/Trailer Fleet at Ribbon Cutting Celebration


October 11, 2011 (Ontario, CA) – C.R. England, one of North America’s largest transportation providers, today unveiled a new fleet of liquefied natural gas (LNG) tractors to be used in its Ontario, California Dedicated operation division.  The announcement was made at the Ontario Convention Center with the new tractors and trailers on hand for inspection. Guest speakers included Dean England, President of C. R. England; Wayne Cederholm, CEO of C. R. England, and Ontario City Council Member Alan D. Wapner.

“C.R. England continually strives to find and implement greener transportation options,” said Dean England, President, C.R. England.  “LNG tractors use natural gas and are one of the best alternative fuels currently available. We are incredibly excited to be the largest refrigerated carrier to incorporate LNG tractors into our fleet and see great potential for future expansion.”

The Ribbon Cutting Celebration focused on key topics of green transportation, the benefits of LNG tractors, and launched the LNG fleet which will run from Ontario, CA to Las Vegas, NV.  Benefits of liquid natural gas include:

•             Safe fuel option: It is nontoxic and disperses quickly.
•             Environmentally friendly: It is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and emits up to 30 percent   less greenhouse gas than gasoline or diesel vehicles.
•             Domestic: Up to 99 percent of the gas C.R. England uses comes from North America.
•             Abundant: Liquid natural gas is abundant in North America.

“When you’re dealing with a quality transportation company like C. R. England it is no surprise that they are on the forefront of using alternative fuels for their fleet,” said Ontario City Council Member Alan D. Wapner.  “The City of Ontario appreciates companies who do business in our City and whose values align with our City’s Climate Action Plan.”

About C.R. England
Founded in 1920, C.R. England, Inc. corporate headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is one of North America’s largest transportation companies and the world’s largest temperature-controlled carrier. C.R. England services include National, Mexico and Regional Truckload service in addition to Dedicated and Intermodal services. Additional services include Leasing, Brokerage, LTL/Parcel, Supply Chain Engineering, Special Project Engineering, Warehousing, and Global Sourcing, which has offices in Southern California and China. For more information, visit www.crengland.com.

Career Path: Interview with Chad England

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chad England, Chief Operating Officer (COO) for C.R. England out of Salt Lake City, Utah, about his experience in trucking.  Here is a portion of our conversation.

Jim:    What do you as COO do?  Really, what are your specific responsibilities?

Chad:  It often seems like I am in charge of everything, but thanks to our great management team I can count on them to do their part which allows me to focus on specific areas.  Overall, I manage the asset-based operations of C.R. England and the Corporate Sales which means I am responsible for five specific areas.

1. National: Our over the road regular route trucking operation, which primarily hauls refrigerated goods throughout the US and is the largest refrigerated carrier in the United States.

2. Mexico: Handle all freight in and out of Mexico through relationships with our Mexican carrier partners.  We are also #1 in this area.

3. Dedicated: We provide custom solutions for our dedicated partners and we are one of the largest dedicated providers in the Nation.

4. Regional: A short-haul refrigerated operation that primarily serves the western states and is currently growing in the mid-west.

5. Intermodal: Includes refrigerated trailer and refrigerated container moves on the rails and has a great value proposition for shippers in terms of cost, sustainability, and service.

Jim:    Sounds like you have your hands full and I can see where “in charge of everything” could apply on busy days.  Your name is England and you work for C.R. England, tell me about some family history and how you got into trucking.

Chad: C.R. England, Inc. was started in 1920 by Chester Rodney England, who hauled potatoes and bananas between Utah and Idaho. Eventually his two sons, Gene and Bill, entered the business and ran the company together for about 50 years.  C.R. England is now in its third and fourth generation of leadership, with Dan England as the current Chairmen of the Board and Dean England as President.  My personal career started with C.R. England when I was 14 years old, working part-time in the mailroom and on the company newsletter.  From there, I have worked in most departments within the company, including being a driver, and still hold my CDL.  I have worked my way through operations in many different departments and many different managerial roles.  It has always been my dream to play a major role in the company and help C.R. England become a premier transportation company in the United States and a great place to work.

Jim:    I see you at trucking conventions around the country and am aware of your personal involvement in working with state and federal governments on laws and regulations.  C.R. England is well known among its peers and I know you also participate in benchmarking with other carriers to find solutions to problems for the carrier and the driver.  I know there are many, but tell me about the very best solution to come from benchmarking that C.R. England has implemented that benefits your drivers.

Chad: C.R. England has used a number of sources, internally and externally, to provide great opportunities for our professional drivers.  We have thousands of contractors and company drivers that work in a variety of different roles.  We have hired multiple research and analysis firms, conducted extensive surveys of existing and former drivers to gather information to understand what helps driver be happy and successful in this profession. These studies have literally consumed hundreds of pages of analysis and have been combed over by the entire leadership team of the company on a regular basis to come up with the best driving opportunities possible. As it relates to benchmarking with other carriers, C. R. England participates in a number of benchmarking meetings in regards to safety and is a major player in industry associations. In fact, Dan England will be this year’s Chairmen of the American Trucking Associations. Through these contacts, C.R. England has been able to very specifically share and receive tips from other carriers. The best solution to come from our benchmarking has been the extensive surveying of current and former drivers and putting the feedback to use. We have also incorporated town hall meetings to help us fully understand what the drivers want. Additionally, most of the England family members are drivers themselves, including myself.

Jim:    How will C.R. England survive these tough times and still deliver your freight on time and undamaged?

Chad: During the recession that we are currently coming out of, C.R. England has used this period of time to revamp our entire operation and has invested in our business to help it be stronger in the long term and solidify the ability for our driver to succeed. Some of the regulations have forced increased scrutiny on driver’s hours, including an upcoming regulation that will force all drivers to have electronic on board recorders. These regulations will be extremely difficult for many carriers to deal with.  They will not be prepared for the requirements and the drivers will suffer as a result. C.R. England, on the other hand, has spent millions of dollars to put together optimization technology that will provide drivers with loads that will keep them as productive as possible, even though the amount of hours that they are allowed to drive is reduced.  We have learned from practical experience how to legally maximize driver mileage in an environment of stringent hours of service and with electronic logging.  C.R. England has the best miles and has some of the best jobs in the industry, with a lot of home time provided because we are able to use that technology to help the drivers be as successful as possible. C.R. England has also invested millions of dollars into a new computer system that will be more reliable and provide the tools for the dispatchers to give the drivers the best possible performance on the highway, home time, and miles.  C.R. England has also invested in a variety of safety technologies that has improved our accident performance and the safety of our drivers.  For example, in the first few years after we implement the rollover stability control device on all of our units, we saw that our rollovers decreased by over half, which is a great safety feature to protect our drivers from harm.

Jim: The future of trucking is in all trucking magazines now. How would you describe trucking in the summer of 2012?

Chad: The situation that is occurring in trucking right now is that the number of trucks that are on the road is diminishing in relation to the amount of freight. The reasons are numerous.  Some are due to the new regulations such as CSA, hours of service requirements, and electronic logs.  Perhaps even the greater reason is that the equipment is more expensive because of some new emissions regulations.  Most companies can’t afford the new equipment, or the technology that is required to keep productivity high for drivers.  What that means is that there will be a lot more freight than trucks and drivers.  With the economy improving and freight being more plentiful over the next few years, drivers will be in tremendous demand.  I think that will provide an opportunity for the best companies to increase driver pay in coming years.

Jim:    What has C.R. England done to make sure it remains compliant with all of the FMCSA rules including CSA?

Chad: CSA is simply a measurement system for the FMCSA to decide which carriers to audit. It also determines which carrier to hold accountable if they are not compliant with their audit. The great news is that C.R. England has never failed an audit.  In fact, C.R. England has always been one of the safest carriers in the country.  In June of 2011, C.R. England was audited and our accident ratio was about half what the expectation is to be a compliant carrier.  That means we are twice as good as what the FMCSA requires.  C.R. England has an entire safety team, with dozens of safety managers and driver managers that work very diligently, to ensure that the driver is never asked to do anything that would ever put them into danger. They are also responsible for training drivers on safety and promote safety at every opportunity. C.R. England has won multiple Carrier of the Year awards in the safety field and is very proud of its safety performance.

Just like Chad England, I believe quality professional truck drivers will be in short supply very soon due to the changes in CSA.  If you as a driver want to be employable in the future, you must make sure your MVR and your CSA scores are as clean as possible.  Good clean scores will mean better pay for you the driver and a job for you the family provider.

Jim C. Klepper is President of Interstate Trucker Ltd., a law firm entirely dedicated to legal defense of the nation’s commercial drivers.  Interstate Trucker represents truck drivers throughout the forty-eight (48) states on both moving and non-moving violations. Jim is also president of Drivers Legal Plan, which allows member drivers access to his firm’s services at greatly discounted rates.  Jim, a former prosecutor, is also a registered pharmacist, with considerable experience in alcohol and drug related cases.  He is a lawyer that has focused on transportation law and the trucking industry in particular. He works to answer your legal questions about trucking and life over-the-road and has his Commercial Drivers License.

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