Think It Over: How Do You See Yourself?

February 15, 2012

By Dan Baker


You know, I believe that inside of everybody, there is a better person just waiting to jump out and make things happen. Michelangelo, the great sculpture, was once asked how he sculpted the magnificent statue of David, and he is reported to have answered, “It was simple, all I did was find the piece of marble that already had David in it, and all if did was just chip away the excess!”

I have told you before, in an earlier article that I believe that there are extraordinary possibilities in just plain old ordinary people, like you and me. That the uncommonly good comes out of the very common people, just like you and me.

As a Student Driver, I would like to suggest to you, that you take a little while to take a look at yourself, and see if you can imagine yourself as a genuine professional truck driver…..a real live mile-running, money making professional, who stands head and shoulders above the average guy or gal who just sees themselves as a truck driver.

It’s not much fun being an average truck driver. Kinda like the old guy that went to his doctor and said, “Doctor, I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t chew. I don’t chase bad women. Does that mean I’m gonna live a hundred years?”

And the doctor said, “No, but it’s sure gonna seem like it!” Is your driving career going to seem like a hundred years?

Well, being an average truck driver is ok, if you don’t plan on building a career out of this business that you’re learning about right now as a student. You can just do your time in Driving School, and fill in the blanks and answer the questions, and one of these days, they’ll tell you you’re certified, and you’ll be good to go.

But where are you going to go? To the first trucking company that wants to hire you? Then to the second, and the third, and the fourth? Why so many? What are you going to be looking for? Am I confusing you? I don’t mean to.

What I mean to do is to tell you that as you are learning this business in Truck Driving School, I want you to begin to visualize yourself as a “Lifer” in this profession. I want you to see yourself as one of those real, genuine, certified Professional Drivers who becomes uncommonly good, financially successful, and extraordinary in everything you do. You can do that.

No, no one is going to do it for you, because no one can. Becoming extraordinary is not something someone else can do for you. You have to do it for yourself, and in order for you to do it for yourself, you have to start at the starting place. And what is the starting place?

You have be able to see; to visualize that special person in yourself that is just waiting to come alive and propel you to new levels of success you never dreamed of. I am not conning you. I am not selling you a bill of goods. I am just telling you that if you will begin now to take all this learning you’re getting in school, and apply it to your own personal dream of what you can see yourself becoming, it can do wonders for your life, your family and your professional career.

There are extraordinary possibilities in plain old ordinary people just like me and you! And you won’t ever see it if you don’t start looking for it. And where do you look for it?  Try the mirror. That’s a good starting place.